Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jumping in with Both Feet! (week of 5/20/09-5/27/09)

After a day of orientation the stewards enthusiastically toured their monitoring sites. Then they each jumped in with both feet, and were on their own in the natural resource area. They made some great observations while monitoring, and met some great recreational users. Along the Salmon River corridor a steward reported a bald eagle sighting on two separate days. Salmon River stewards assisted the Salmon River Special Program Coordinator for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation with streambank stabilization by planting approximately 900 stream willows.

Along the Eastern Lake Ontario Dunes & Wetlands Area recreational users were happy to meet and greet their stewards. It's becoming a tradition in some areas. As temperatures continue to climb and you seek the refreashing breeze along Lake Ontario or the Salmon River Reservoir, you are encourgaed to introduce yourself to your local steward; learn more about what it is that the stewards do, and what you too can do to be an informal steward of the natural resource areas that are important to you!

Salmon River Stewards Emily Freeman and Jim Katz plant stream willows that will provide streambank stabilization along the Salmon River.

Photos by Mary Penney, NYSG Dune/River Steward Coordinator.

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